One CAM software for everything

For efficient and continuous processes.

With hyperMILL®, both simple and complex geometries can be programmed efficiently. Work pieces can be completely machined in a single setup thanks to the broad range of machining strategies. The advantages: continuous and more efficient processes, reduced processing times and higher reliability.

In addition, hyperMILL® offers several options for automated programming, reducing machine cycle times and optimizing processes. Examples of this include sophisticated feature and macro technology, automated functions such as mirroring and transforming, functions that minimize auxiliary processing times such as job linking or production mode, and fully automated collision checking and avoidance.


Everything Automatically.

With OPTICAM we have created a system which automates the creation of the NC program to almost 100%. However, users still have the complete flexibility to intervene in detail.



Limitless Design Dexterity

IRONCAD™ is the undisputed productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full production-ready 3D reality.  

IRONCAD is the pioneer of a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today. IRONCAD is the tool of choice for 3D mechanical design engineers when deadlines are tight and a high degree of unanticipated change is to be expected.  It provides a revolutionary replacement to today’s history-based parametric-only systems.