We Make Machining Easier.

CAM? Is it that complicated?

 Open Mind Tech's HyperMILL will make everyone an expert in no time. We make CAM Programming easier.

Easier is just the start, there are so much more. Learn why most machine tool builder use HyperMILL on exhibitions.

Open Mind



We Make Machining Faster and Easier.

Did you experience FAST? How about FASTER?

With SECO Cutting Tools we will show you what is the difference between going fast and going faster. With our tool, you will know what performance truly means. 

You will be assured that our tools can run Faster, Longer and More Reliable, specially when you utilize HyperMILL's MaXX Machining.

Who says that Swiss machine is hard to reach?

With GF Machining Solution's Mikron HEM, now Swiss machine has become reachable. Equipped with Heidenhein Control, coupled with linear glass scale and a High Performance Spindle.

We seldom see a spindle with High Power, High RPM and High Torque, with our High Performance Spindle, you are rest assured that your machining will be more Reliable, Faster and Easier.

We Make Machining Fun and Easy to Reach.

Now It's easier to be part of the Maker Generation!

With Stepcraft System coupled with UCCNC Control, you can now easily own your own CNC Milling Machine! 3D Printer, Wood Burning Pen, Vinyl Cutter, and Milling Head!

Cutting Tools
Our cutting tools are known for Performance, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness.
Our CAD and CAD/CAM are known for ease of operation. One of our main products.
We have from the most basic CNC Machine to the most advance 5 Axis HSM Machine
Our Application and Technical Support is one of the best in market.